Jack of All Trades, Master of None: I recommend you do as us bunnies do…

November 7, 2009

As an all-knowing lagomorph, I think it is just the cutest thing that humans try to learn about everything.  They try to learn to cook, to drive, to analyze each other, to do figures in their heads.

Really, they should just stick to that at which they excel.  Many humans on the floor on which I live cook.  How do I know, given that as a bunny it is difficult for me to break and enter into the dwellings of others?  My tiny little constantly-wiggling nose picks up on the stench.  Driving, apparently, is something else that everyone thinks they can learn.  Memo to humans: just because you can run does not mean you can be a marathoner.  Likewise, just because humans can learn to drive does not mean they all can do so.  Why do humans try to do critical analysis when they are woefully lacking in intellect?  Why do they try to do math if they can’t even master order of operations?

Right about now, I bet that you humans are about to say that it is impossible to know what one can and can’t do if he/she does not try to learn.  While I concede to this point, I think humans spend way too much time trying to do things that they are clearly terrible at doing.  They constantly concoct new, twisted ways of compensating for their sad skills.  For instance, my father Kevin, he spends hours playing his PS3 FIFA 2010 soccer game.  Why?  Hmm.  I would say it most likely has something to do with the fact that he is not talented enough to make it into the English Premier League himself.  I would even go as far as to say that he feels a success that may be derived from merit or a talent of some sort when he manages to make a goal in his pretend soccer game.  Honestly, it’s pathetic.  Have you ever seen a rabbit behave in this way?  No.  They try something, and when they learn they are no match for it, they cut their losses in a dignified manner.  Can’t say the same for Kevin.

My point is that it is fine to explore the unfamiliar, but once you can see what you are good at, why not work at getting better at it?

I hear that colleges are talking about increasing the amount of gen eds that students should take.  If 124 hours are needed for an undergraduate degree, and approximately 98 hours can come from classes outside your major, isn’t this the same as a human trying to learn about everything and ending up knowing nothing?  Why can’t humans just cut their losses, realize they can never be properly exposed to everything, and settle on depth of learning instead of breadth?


One Response to “Jack of All Trades, Master of None: I recommend you do as us bunnies do…”

  1. As posed, doesn’t this argument apply equally well to grade school as to college? How can we determine when breadth is a good thing and when narrowing should occur? (Incidentally, I agree that some folks shouldn’t drive, especially those who insist on talking on their cell phones at the same time.)

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